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2019/08/12 – While it’s easier to teach a younger child to sleep alone than it is to change an older child’s habits, you shouldn’t . to potentially dangerous situations, such as your child wandering the house at night while everyone is asleep. Montessori toddler beds Frame bed House bed house Wood house Etsy Wooden Toddler Bed,. Etsy . Adorable children furniture will make transitioning from a nursery bed or baby bed to a children bed smoothly. Platform bed house Some people decide to co-sleep in precisely the same bed with the baby. Developing . 2018/01/21 – The longer version involves many more layers, including a DockATot, mini-crib, and convertible toddler bed. . Sometimes we rolled the crib into other areas of the house and the garden, just to get him used to other views and . 2018/07/24 – What if they got into something dangerous (we keep the house child-proofed, but you just never know)? For these reasons, we have a rule that they must stay in their beds until 7:00 am . Kids need 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Toddlers need a set time to go to bed every night, so their body begins to expect sleep. Most toddlers . Play a roughhousing game to get them laughing before dinner — be a bucking bronco, or chase them around the house. Often, kids who . Your toddler is used to sleeping in your bed, even if he starts off the night in his own. It’s a routine that’ll . “Say, ‘There are no monsters in our house, so we’re going to have a big cuddle with teddy and we’re going back to sleep.’” Tell me more . 2012/11/28 – WebMD answers common concerns about children who co-sleep with their parents at night and how to help them break the habit . It’s easier to train a toddler to sleep in his room when he’s in a crib, since he won’t be able to get out of bed and look for you. . “Say, ‘In our house, nobody gets up before 7. For example, your child can’t fall out of the cot while he’s sleeping. . It’s also best to wait until your child is emotionally ready to move to a bed and physically able to get in and out of the bed safely. . Otherwise you’ll need to make sure the rest of the house is safe for your child as well, in case she gets up during the night. No matter if your toddler keeps getting out of bed, or your dealing with toddler tantrums at bedtime or something else, there is hope. I’m a firm believer that all kids are capable of going to bed peacefully and on their own. It’s only a matter of .

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2018/08/16 – 6 Top Tips in keeping Babies and Toddlers cool during hot nights from The Little Voyager, find a source of tips on . 6 “cool” tips on how to make babies & toddlers sleep better during these hot nights (written by Julia Beroleit . 2016/04/20 – If you plan to stay in a hotel, splurge on a suite to give you some extra living space with a pull out or a crib. . Aim to have your child well-rested before leaving for your trip, taking restorative naps, and sleeping well at night for . 2016/03/23 – Learn how to make do with the supplies you already have with these brilliant hotel room hacks for kid travel. . If you have a toddler too big for a hotel crib but not yet really ready for a full sized hotel bed, a bedrail is a must-have. There are a lot of . Keep it cold. (Or don’t!) Need to refrigerate milk overnight? Fill up the ice bucket or even the sink with ice and stick a small milk carton . 2018/07/26 – How to keep babies and young children cool in UK heatwave – and help them get to sleep. The hot weather can be a fraught time for parents – here are 14 tips to help make the heat easier for you and your little ones. Share. 2018/08/13 – . sleeping? Here are 15 simple ways to help solve toddler sleep problems and get your toddler to sleep, so everyone has a better night! . In Jack’s room, we have a ceiling fan which is nice for circulating air throughout the room and keeping it cooler. During the . I’ve found that the times that Jack sleeps in the latest is when we are in a hotel that has blackout curtains. If your child is . 2019/02/25 – These travel hacks make sure your baby sleeps even when you’re on the road. . There are some pretty cool products out there that solve the need for portable bed rails, but honestly, who needs ’em? . There are some pretty interesting hotel hacks out there for DIY toddler beds (we’ve even seen parents . 2019/06/12 – It is more fun for children to have a bunk bed than a rollaway bed, creating the adventure of having their own private . In a Global Cabin, you will feel just like you are staying in a regular hotel, but with excellent economy . 2017/08/08 – Whether in a cottage, villa or hotel, how can parents get children to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings? Here is what the sleep . If you are cool about it, your child is more likely to feel relaxed too. The more you travel, the more . Have you ever wished you could fall asleep reading and not minding the time, in a space surrounded by books, like a . “Overnight bookstores” connect reading with accommodation and tourism, and also offer children fun memories with .

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2019/03/28 – If waking up at 5am each day with your baby is a reality, this is for you. Here are some tips on how to get kids to sleep in and take longer naps. . for crib-to-toddler bed transformation. Don’t go out an purchase a toddler bed when your little one graduates from their crib; try this. . People also love these ideas. There are some really cute crib upcycling ideas in here. I don’t have . After moving into our home over a year ago, we apparently lost the attachment that turns the crib into a toddler bed. She was already . A cosy and safe sleeping place for your baby ☆———— I can make these bumpers any pattern from my list. Just put patterns Teen girl room tip Superb concept to kick-start a first rate cozy teen girl bedroom Teen Girl Room tips generated on . Dr. Harvey Karp explains the common reasons why toddler won’t nap and how to improve daytime sleep. . She’s never napped well, and even though we were advised against it, the ONLY way we could get her to nap was for me breastfeed her and then transfer her to her crib. He’s fantastic around other people though! Breaking your child’s bad sleep habits is one of the most important things you can do for his health—and yours. . Toddlers and Families, in Washington, D.C. Dress your child in her pajamas and put her down in her crib for the night with the . We recommend the following items as excellent sleep associations: . If you find this is interfering with your child’s night sleep or that it’s meaning they take longer to settle at bedtime then speak with your daycare provider and . Our daycare has some fairy lights and soft lullabies in the cot room seems to settle the babies. Put him in his crib calmly. When the bedtime routine is over, try putting him in his crib quietly. Don’t get upset when he cries, and don’t beg or plead. Just very calmly and matter-of-factly put him down as if you fully expect this to go successfully . 2017/01/19 – “But don’t let your toddler fall asleep on the bottle, and he definitely doesn’t need it in his crib.” With toddlers, parents have to focus on “consistency, setting limits, and taking that control back,” says McGinn. “I always say to . Sleep associations are the conditions repeatedly present at the time of sleep initiation. Exposing your baby to her crib for sleep will allow her to develop a new sleep association.

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Spivack suggests making a homemade “sleepytime book”—nothing fancy, just stapled-together paper illustrated with stick-figure pictures that your child can color. If your family recently moved, for instance, and your daughter started sleeping . They should be going to bed much earlier than an adult, and co-sleeping could compromise their sleep schedule. Toddlers typically don’t need quite as much rest as infants (on average about 13 hours), but it’s probably a good idea to transition them to their own bedroom as they approach toddlerhood. Do not do any more talking—just wait him out. Do not go to sleep on the floor next to his bed or get into the bed, no matter how tempting it may be. When he’s asleep, leave the room. When teaching kids to sleep on their own, the first week is going to be the hardest. 2015/11/03 – I made sure to tell him that he could fall asleep while I was outside his room, so that he wouldn’t wake up later and . Wait 10 minutes, and if she still cries, go to see her again, just for a short moment, then get out of the room. Sophisticated style in a scaled down size, the Fancy Toddler Bed from Delta Children helps make the transition to “big kid” bed easy. Straight lines on the headboard and footboard, plus guardrails on both sides are just a few key features that . . to Sleep. “This is because infants and toddlers go through mental growth spurts that make them especially clingy, fussy, and prone to night wakings. . Fancy Photography/ Veer. Babies . Infants are developing a night sleep cycle, are more sociable, and show little separation anxiety, so they start to snooze better. When Do An infant starts to understand that parents still . Fancy Photography/Veer “To help your child cope with the stressors of life, make certain that she is getting a good night’s sleep, adequate naptime, healthy meals, and plenty of daily activity,” Pantley says. It’s best to postpone other changes — such as potty training or transitioning to a big-kid bed — that can disrupt the . 2019/04/08 – . young kids? Find the top toddler bed for planes and other genius items to help your little ones snooze on flights. . Fast forward a few years, and a few geniuses facing our same struggle have gone on to invent some very clever airplane sleep aids for kids. So, if you don’t need a fancy foot pump and your hubby or partner is happy to provide the manual labour, then go for this model. She undressed Katherine and wrapped her in a blanket and put her in her own bed, where little Jackie slept on the far side. . Blessed Virgin, give me strength — I love him — I must get home — to my babies, to Hugh — I cannot stay so near —” “Whist, poppet! . sleep in abbey hostels — they’ll give food — I must go as soon as its light. . Some whoreson knight or squire had brought her to this, thought Hawise, as she left the loft room, had caught her fancy with wheedling talk and .

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2019/03/28 – Give them an earlier bedtime Parents all around the world think, mistakenly, that getting their children all worked up and super tired before bed will make them sleep like logs. That usually isn’t the case. If their bedtime is 9pm and they wake up at 5am then they are not getting enough sleep. 2019/08/07 – When your kid wakes up early, it’s enough to make everyone cranky. Learn how to help your kid to sleep later into the morning with these 4 tips. 2018/01/13 – When it comes to children and their sleep needs, we must have realistic expectations. . throws the body’s circadian rhythm off, which deteriorates all sleep quality (day, if the child is napping, and night). . The opposite is almost always true, that a later bedtime will actually lead to earlier morning waking. 2019/01/22 – Beat Early Rising . Early rising proper is when your child routinely wakes before 6am to start the day. . of the blue having routinely slept later than 6am, when you have had no other changes such as travel or nap transitions, . I knew one day (probably 20 years later) this picture would bring a smile to my face. But that night, nothing . No matter if your toddler keeps getting out of bed, or your dealing with toddler tantrums at bedtime or something else, there is hope. I’m a firm believer If you are struggling with finding a routine, rhythm or schedule, this email series will help you find one that will work . He went from sleeping until 7 am each morning (or at least waking and waiting for me to get him) to waking at 5 am. Getting him to . And typically over time, when kids realize there isn’t anything exciting happening at 5:30 am, they will start to sleep later. Plus, if they . If you are struggling with finding a routine, rhythm or schedule, this email series will help you find one that will . 2012/01/03 – Our toddler also had a period of waking at 5 in the morning, and we couldn’t get him to sleep longer no matter what we tried — the above were all taken care of and have not changed since his birth. After about 2 months it . Does your child try everything in their power to stay up later at night? Bedtime stalling is . them a countdown. 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 more minutes… so they process bedtime is getting closer and closer and sleep is on it’s way. 2017/06/09 – As long as your child is getting enough sleep and it works for your family, that’s all that matters. 2019/01/18 – Are your kids waking too early? Do you want your children to sleep in a little later? I understand completely! When your kids are waking too early in the morning, it can make them tired, cranky and just not very happy kids.

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2018/04/25 – Long before I fell pregnant I had my own set ideas about where children should sleep, based mainly on what I observed in other parents who had condoned . All three of us get more rest when she sleeps in her own bed. Avoid singing or rocking your child to sleep, because if she wakes in the middle of the night she may need you to sing or rock her back to sleep — a condition known as sleep-onset association disorder. (If you have already been doing this, . 2017/10/23 – ‘My baby went to sleep and didn’t wake up’: young lives lost to Ghana’s silent killer. A child looks . Her children are malnourished and often get sick – they only eat “banku”, a fermented corn and cassava dough. “God took my . 2013/09/03 – However, there is evidence that it increases the risk of sudden infant deaths and infant suffocation. . ICAN and ICAN Associates have partnered with First 5 LA to raise awareness about the Safe Sleep for Baby campaign and . 2019/02/05 – Alfie Lamb death: Accused toddler killer is former Government minister’s son . She accused Mr Waterson of using “the fact that your parents are powerful people to make you untouchable”. . Adrian”, while Ms Hoare had told him she “blamed herself” for the toddler’s death as they later lay in bed together. 2016/04/08 – When a child deliberately kills, who is to blame? . Two teenage girls have been detained for torturing and murdering a vulnerable woman in north-east England. But when Image copyright PA Image caption Daniel Bartlam, 14, killed his mother with a claw hammer and then set fire to her body in her bed. 2018/01/28 – His fears are relating to imagery including killer dragons, monsters, etc . . . and also an image from the movie the Frog . Sometimes, these fears and worries can interfere with children getting to sleep or getting back to sleep at . 2016/06/13 – Kids who don’t get enough sleep are at risk for a whole range of mental and physical woes, including some potentially serious health issues. New sleep guidelines for babies, school-age children and teens, released Monday, . How did he get to that place, that torturous cavern inside a head, which didn’t allow many happy thoughts to flow . For all he knew, it could have been past midnight, and Christine chose to sleep in the guest room or with one of the children.

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2015/07/14 – The only real prep I gave Rowan was letting him play on the toddler bed in the hours before bedtime so that he could practice getting on and off. Had my move to the big kid bed not been made in a fit of impulsivity one . 3 Mom Tricks to Help Kids Stay in Bed. 6.6Kshares. 750; 5.8K. Interested in supporting your child’s immune system, emotions and focus naturally this back-to-school season? Essential oils are a great place to start. PLUS, snag a $20 Amazon . A toddler getting out of bed repeatedly during the night is a common frustration once you’ve transitioned out of the crib. Your child’s sleep . big kid bed here. Encouraging your toddler to stay in bed all night does take effort, but it can be done. Dear Dr. Markham, If you can help with a method to help my once very good sleeper to get back to that now that he’s in a bigger bed, I would be most appreciative. My son is 2 years, 9 months old. His sister is 8 months old. He slept with me . Norwegian Cruise Line Bans Door Decorations · Scenic’s First Ocean-Going Cruise Ship, Scenic Eclipse, Sails Dream-class ships offer 230-square-foot “quint” outside cabins that have two twin beds (that can combine to a queen), two . Parents must bring in kids who are already asleep or are ready to go to sleep on arrival (OK to bring some milk to settle but not food). Unlike . Kimberly I Big John Rd. Scenic Backway From Fremont Indian State Park, take the Kim- berlv/Big John Rd. Scenic Backwav south . This walking tour is an excellent wav to get acquainted with the town’s historv. . During the journev, two of their children died and were buried along the trail. . Bed and Breakfasts, Lodges and Inns Big Rock Candy Mountain Inn — $$ to $$$ Located at the base of Big Rock Candv . A couple of the cabins have kitchens and can sleep up to four adults. Everything You Need to Know to Survive (and Love) Your Child’s Terrible Twos Erin MacPherson . Adele Enersen poses her sleeping baby in a new way every day and then documents it with pictures. . Grab your camera and your kid, and practice with different lighting, poses, scenery, and more. . stickers, pieces of artwork over time, and then pull it all out in one big chunk on an evening after your kids go to bed or on aweekend when you have access to child care, because there’s . Between the mile-high feather bed, expansive bathroom with Jacuzzi and lush terry cloth robes, we imagined that all log cabins held similar charms. . We later learn that the ladybugs are foreign invaders, let loose by the Department LITTLE CABIN, BIG WOODS . We’re anxious to check into our cabin and get that first glimpse of our hopes for a second honeymoon. 100 two or more nights The scenic scoop I New sleep 1847 Pike Lake Rd., Bainbridge, reservations (740) 493-2212, .

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2019/01/24 – Picture. Once your little one is old enough they will transfer from the confines of their cot to a toddler bed. This will . This is just to get them used to the concept of a duvet in their sleep space. . It was wonderful and informative. Getting your toddler to go to bed can be a struggle, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. . One night, out of the blue, you nurse your baby or give him a bottle, say “good night,” place him in his crib or bed, and disappear. Naturally, your If your child gets up frequently after going to bed (for water, another hug, more blankets, less blankets — you get the idea), try creating a  . My husband now sleeps on the spare bed in another room just because our toddler will kick and scream when put into . Cots that convert into small beds are a great idea – although if you have another baby coming, you may need to keep it . 2009/05/07 – Usually, the best time to do this is when the parents have come to the conclusion that their child’s sleep . The gate essentially turns the entire bedroom into a defined, closed sleeping space (similar in concept to a crib), and . 2019/07/22 – Get practical tips for keeping a toddler in their crib at a stage when the can and want to crawl out. . According to Lori Strong, certified sleep consultant and owner of Strong Little Sleepers in Austin, Texas, climbing out of the . Moving from cot to bed is an exciting step for your child – but there’s no hurry. Here are tips to . It’s also best to wait until your child is emotionally ready to move to a bed and physically able to get in and out of the bed safely. Sometimes the . If it seems like a fun idea, take him shopping to choose the bed or bedding. Let him . 2018/11/29 – If you’re considering setting up a new bed for your toddler soon, you might want to read this first. . If you have a good sleeper, you run the risk of upsetting their sleeping habits. If you have a bad sleeper, the thought of possibly . Once your toddler can climb out of the cot, you don’t have much choice but to move him into a bed. But once . If you need more information on dealing with tantrums, we highly recommend Dr Karp’s excellent book or DVD ‘The Happiest Toddler on the Block’. The DVD . to bed. Their toddler CD covers this concept in detail. Once your toddler is out of a cot, gentle sleep training techniques definitely work best. . The idea is to sit a while with them, as they are getting ready to fall asleep, then you ‘pop-out’ of the room for a VERY short time, just 30 seconds max. Does your toddler or preschooler have sleep issues — does he refuse to go to bed, fuss about naps, crawl out of his bed and . The good news is that every child can have better sleep when parents know how to identify the issues, and when they And here we are again to that one concept: routine. . Now that we’ve tried to move the little one out of the crib, she is always coming into my bed in the .

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2018/08/31 – Below you’ll find some travel tips which will hopefully help your toddler sleep on a plane too and manage some of . LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by . Useful resources to help plan your trip に移動 – To find the best travel deals on accommodation, attractions, and flights – take a look at our Travel Resources page to get started. These are the services we love and use ourselves to plan all . 2018/08/12 – The biggest dream come true for a traveling parent is having their toddler sleep on a plane. In spite of booking flights at nap times and adhering to other toddler travel tips and advice, that has rarely happened for us. 2019/03/14 – We have put a baby to sleep on an airplane, put a toddler and a baby to sleep on an airplane and we’ve even . If your child sleeps well in the car seat, it may be beneficial to bring your car seat on the plan for them to sleep in. . overnight flight. Building tents and other creative sleep tricks are the key to keeping the peace and letting everyone get a little shut eye. . Flying with kids · Tips and advice for helping a baby or toddler sleep on a plane using natural methods. Planning for Long-Haul Flight with Kids に移動 – If possible, schedule your flight or flights in a way that allows your baby or toddler to remain on the . That way there’s a chance they’ll get some sleep — and you’ll get a break, too. 2015/09/10 – Tips for Lap Toddler Success. Pick the right flight and time. Maximize your chances of getting an extra seat. Electronics are a must. Bring non-electronic entertainment to keep little fingers busy. Bring a wide variety of snacks. Walk the aisle. Bring a baby carrier. Don’t stress the nap. 2019/03/02 – Rest assured, sometimes you’ll get lucky and have an enjoyable, relaxed flight with your toddler. Plan to have more snacks than you think you need, else it’s expensive to buy snacks on the plane which aren’t . In fact, if you’re on an overnight flight, breastfeeding can even help your toddler sleep better. 2019/01/27 – Book nonstop flights whenever you can — and schedule long stretches around your child’s nap. True, flight delays can foil even the best-laid plans for flying with a toddler, but if your tot can get even a short nap while in the air, .

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Pediatric sleep expert Jodi Mindell says early risers fall into two categories: Children who get up before they get enough sleep, and those who get enough sleep but wake up too early in the morning for their parents’ liking. Pick Up/Put Down, Toddler Style Stay in the room until he falls deeply asleep. Then, over the course of several days, as he gradually cries less and less, move your chair farther from the crib or bed and closer to the door. 2019/01/18 – If a child wakes in the middle of the night or too early in the morning, it can cause your child to be tired, foggy . We finally figured out a way to keep our kids in bed longer (giving them the chance to get enough sleep for Eventually she picked up on this and now waits until the sun is up to get out of bed. Just like when he was a baby, a too-late bedtime can make them wake up too early in the morning. If you want more information on helping your toddler sleep, please pick up our free e-Book titled Toddler Sleep Secrets: Getting Started. 2019/08/07 – When your kid wakes up early, it’s enough to make everyone cranky. Learn how to help your kid to sleep later into the morning with these 4 tips. When your child becomes tired or overtired you may see one or more of the following signs: . If you have tried putting your child to bed and they continue to be distressed or crying, pick them up and cuddle until calm and then reattempt to My baby has started waking and screaming at night, he used to be a good sleeper. . among parents. Banish early morning waking and encourage sleeping in with these practical tips! . So if you are hoping to teach your child to sleep later, then you must be consistent so they can too. . When a baby wakes up and you don’t rush in to pick him up and start the day, it makes waking early seem less enticing. 2018/12/18 – This will not only help your toddler get those much-needed Zzzs but will also make your life easier (and more . That’s because kids who falls asleep before 9pm fall asleep faster, wake up less often during the night, and get more rest overall. . 16 to 20 months, keeping just their afternoon nap (sleeping for 1½ to 2 hours or so) and dropping the morning one. Diffuse the situation with . Children who wake up around the same time in the morning are more likely to nap at predictable times and feel . If she is difficult to wake and/or is very cranky or irritable when you wake her, she may need more sleep than she is getting. 2019/06/23 – Other children may have developed a habit of waking up early because of sleep onset associations but are not . recommend picking a time about ten minutes later than your child’s current wake time, then moving it later by .

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2010/10/05 – SLEEP ON ITの日本語訳は、一晩寝て考える – 毎朝の英単語解説。英会話を . The WordMaster gets some of his best ideas while sleeping. . Why don’t you sleep on it and call me with your answer tomorrow? a: So, is it a deal? 2014/01/05 – 前回 oversleep で 「寝過ごした」という意味だというお話をしましたね。 連休明けで今日から仕事始め、という人も多いと思いますが、みなさんoversleepせずにちゃんと起きれましたか? こちらはまだ5日の日曜の夜ですが、もう1月2日から . Deep Sleep Relaxationの曲「 Outstanding Sleep」はこちら、今すぐKKBOXを使って好きなだけ聞きましょう。 Amazon MusicでMusica para Dormir Dream HouseのOutstanding Sleep をチェック。にてストリーミング、CD、またはダウンロードでお楽しみください。 sleep on itの意味や使い方 訳語 ひと晩考えさせてください;ちょっと考えさせてください;しばらく考えます – 約1137万語ある英和辞典・和英辞典。発音・イディオムも分かる英語辞書。 DormirのOutstanding Sleepを聴きましょう -65 Gift of Sleep。Deezer: 無料音楽ストリーミングサービス。5300万以上の曲を発見して、自分だけのプレイリストを作成し . Check out Outstanding Sleep by Rockabye Lullaby on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Check out Outstanding Sleep by Rest & Relax Nature Sounds Artists on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 2019/05/14 – For a Better Nights Sleep, Naturally After searching high and low, we were unable to find a truly safe, natural, and effective combination of ingredients to optimize sleep. Sure, we were able to a la carte certain ingredients after .

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User Guide. All you need to know about the reMarkable paper tablet. Troubleshooting. Is your reMarkable acting up? Read our help guides to find a solution to your problem. How-to videos. Share files to email. Organize your files. Convert . Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für to sleep off im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). reMarkable – The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Here to replace . English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch . Check out our new software update 1.8, which will be available on your reMarkable soon. . Clarance Lau Can this tablet support the auto wake/sleep function of the shell? Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit “sleep off” – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. 2017/09/07 – Operating system Codex, a custom Linux-based OS optimized for low-latency e-paper Power button Use the power button to turn on or wake up the device, put your reMarkable to sleep or turn it off. Sleep mode reMarkable . Meet Selah Schneiter, the remarkable 10-year-old who became the youngest person on record to climb Yosemite’s El Capitan. “(It was) really overwhelming, . 詳しくは、「コンピュータがスリープ状態のときにコンピュータのリソースを共有する」および Apple のサポート記事「Wake on Demand および Bonjour Sleep Proxy について」を参照してください。 Mac の起動、システム終了、スリープ、スリープ解除のスケジュール . While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey . In 1924 German psychiatrist Hans Berger invented the electroencephalograph, which records electrical activity in the brain, and the . The stimulation may drive off sleep, but so does the backlit screen: Light at night inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone . No remarkable journey is achieved without great effort. . protect yourself against infectious diseases, make sure you get enough sleep, and stay hydrated.

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